jørgen (vetica) wrote,

Today I met Josh AND moved into a new apartment... with my boyfriend!!

Look who just moved to Oslo! It's Josh, blueymcphluey!!!!
We went to the University, Aker Brygge, did a little bit of Pokemon hunting and ate a delicious vegan burger, GREAT TIME!

Summer 2016

I went to NYC to celebrate my mothers 50th birthday. It's been a great trip. We had a lot of fun, did all the stuff you should do when you're there. I did way too much shopping and got broke after a week, lmao.

BUT my grandmother got sick and had to go to the hospital. She had some serious infection that lasted 24 days. Me and my sister left after a few days, but my mom stayed there for almost 2,5 weeks (and she doesn't speak english very well). All is good now, she's doing a lot better and is back in Norway.

I moved to Oslo on my birthday, July 1st. A really small room in a shared apartment. I haven't slept there yet tho. I went out partying with some friends all weekend, it was craaaazy. Then I went back to a place near my hometown to hang out with my bf, Jørgen (yeah... we have the same name! AND our grandmothers have the same name, lmao). We connected instantly, we are from the same place, have the same interests, and lifestyle. He's so funny and kind and spontaneous AND he's hot af. Today we moved in together! It's a small place, and needs some fixing up, but the rent is 360$ compared to 750$ that I payed at my previous place (where I lived with six others people).

Other than that, I just started working at a cinema close to where I live, the wage sucks, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

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