jørgen (vetica) wrote,

Oslo, YOG and Highasakite

Heihei! How are you? :)

There's a lot going on atm. My Bachelor thesis is not going too well, we just changed the topic from "New IT-systems and learning" to "Skype for Business and efficiency". I'm also having a hard time studying for my Business Law exam (it's in 2 weeks and I'm freaking out).

I went to Oslo last weekend with my sister. Her boyfriend (a really cool Swedish guy) had his birthday and we went out partying. In Norway, "Afterski Party" is a really popular theme when you go out, so we dressed up in ski clothing and went out on Aker Brygge.

I haven't been in Oslo since early 2014, it felt amazing being back and meet so many people. I can't wait to move back.

I also wanna move to Amsterdam, haha. But the salaries there are not very good and it's difficult to get a job that's relevant to my studies. Let's wait and see. There's still 4,5 months left!

Yesterday was one of the best days ever! I got to see my favorite Norwegian band, Highasakite. AND IT WAS FREE!!! The Youth Olypics are still going on, meaning we get a ton of free concerts. I'm going to see Sondre Justad, Nico and Vinz and Lemaitre this weekend.

Sorry for spamming you with pictures btw. I need to post them somewhere, and facebook is not an option.
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